Perspective leads to bias.
Bias to interpretation.
Assumption to conflict.
Conflict to anger.
Anger fuels assumptions.
Accusations hurled at me.
Vitriolic threat.

Who is right?
Where do you stand?
A black and white world.
You see malice.
You see right and wrong.
In a corner.

Who is right?
Where do I stand?
I see grey.
I see difference.
I see misunderstanding.

Who is right?
I assume your intent.
I’m wrong.
You assume an act of malice.
You’re wrong.
You interpret my motives.
You’re wrong.
You assume my dislike.
You’re wrong.

I am wrong.
I am right.
You’re wrong.
You’re right.

I see gray. I see shades.
You see black and white.
I’ve crossed the line.
I don’t want to fight.
I try to make it right.
I’d like to smudge the lines–
reveal the grey.



5 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Wow. I’m glad I came back onto the twt site this morning to see what I missed last night. The he said-she said of this experience comes through loud and clear. There are so many different layers to this experience, this piece and that makes it interesting. I find that people are black and white when they are still at a lower level of development. I am often told that it is my responsibility to help them get to the next level. Food for thought. Not easy to put into place, I know. Check out Spiral Dynamics. Thanks for an interesting read this morning and good luck!


  2. There’s so much emotion in this piece! Navigating disagreements from different perspectives is very difficult! Thanks for sharing and I hope things are looking brighter.


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