Wallflower Blog

A blog after 10 is a wallflower,

Standing alone,


Waiting for a dance,

Will my words be forlorn?

Will my blog disappear in the cyber-void, unnoticed?

Please glance my way,

finding my words.


Another late blogger responding

and hoping for someone to find her words

at the end of our blogging day,


My thoughts are tired and rambling,

or blank and wordless.

Maybe it’s better if my words stay on the wall, alone.


Why do I make myself write?

Fingers poised on the keys,


no words coming.

It’s Tuesday night–

I don’t know what to write.


I think of what my fellow bloggers have shared

their hopes, their dreams, their fears–

Connected to bloggers by the sacredness

of words–just one word per blogger, a personal mantra for 2013–

celebrate, joy, live, create, gratitude, love,

embrace, dreams, gratitude, dedication,

courage, contentment, believe,

acceptance, irrigate, renew,

continue, refresh—

Authentic words and real commitment…

Oh, to be those mantras rolled into one,

Even with my blog’s loneliness,

just writing with you is enough,

a sacred time, space, and place

where our words dance with one another.