Space+positive input=happiness

 “If you then create space and expose yourself to positive input, whether that’s a novel you’re enjoying, a podcast, whatever it is, then you’ll find that your brain is in a happier state.” Neil Pasricha, author of The Happiness Equation

When tromping about in the outdoors with family, nature gives me  this sort of space and positive input. No papers to grade, no PS4s, no iPads, no computers, cell phones reduced to cameras, no chores, no distractions. This space. This place. These moments. Pure happiness (well, other than the occasional bickering of kids). 

Today’s positive input included going to the high point in GA, Brasstown Bald…


as well as visiting a quirky touristy place, Goats on the Roof.     

 What today did NOT involve: grading, video games, screens (just a little-like now as I blog in the car). Yes, a day where my hamster did not run on the wheel wide open, full throttle. Nice to kick back, be a passenger, enjoy the ride, and just be with family.

My challenge to myself (and from my boss) is to find a few weeks this summer where that I shut down and let go of all things work related, where I have the sort of space I need to relax and refuel for the next year.

I am trying to gear my mind up for that time and space this summer and not because my boss said so (he just stated the obvious), but because this is what my soul has been crying out for and as well perhaps what everyone I encounter needs. 

All work and no play does a lot more than just make Maya a dull girl–all work and no play makes my family sad, my life sucky, and my heart unfulfilled.

No more words…gotta go play…

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