A Bias Towards Action



Slice 30 of 31

I looked up this phrase, “a bias towards action,” and I was like the mouse given a cookie. I read an article about bias towards action, I clicked on some links that took me to some cool products to help with to dos and action.  I read a bit in my new book.

Wait, this is not what I was going to do. I wanted to write about having a bias towards action not read all night about it.

A bias towards distraction is what I have!!!!

I discuss, I think, I read, I research, and then, I repeat.

Really?!!!!??!!! No wonder I spin my wheels.

Late at night–my focus is gone, but still my grading pile is large.

What makes a person have a bias towards action?  The knowledge that he/she can take control of a situation and ACT–and not just the knowledge—the act of doing.

Too much pontificating, Maya!

Hmmm…how do I take control of my grading pile?

See, Maya, just go grade some papers!!!!

The pile is large. I am tired. I don’t want to.

Pick a number–any number…take control.


Go grade 8 papers–it’s late.
I will grade 8.
Good night. Go grade now.

But…the blog isn’t done.

End it!

I have a new book that I hope will help me figure out how to be smarter, better, and faster, but for now–one step. Control. Control to make the pile wane.

A bias towards grading action.
Now I will grade–maybe 5.