Details Matter

I’ve always struggled with the details touting that I’m a conceptual/big picture person. In school, I got Cs when I couldn’t memorize the path of the Big Mac through the digestive system, when I got isolated definitions confused, and when I couldn’t remember the sequence of historical events. I bombed multiple choice tests that asked me to know that one isolated detail. I could show what I know when given a chance to write out answers, but I second-guessed myself and lacked convergent thinking skills.

I suppose that’s why I’ve always liked that quote about the devil being in the details. It works when I rationalize the t not crossed and the i not dotted.  Of course, when I want to better myself, create new habits, or solve a problem, I need to zoom my focus in on the details I detest.

While on the road today, I began to think about how my big picture visions will never be realized without conscious attention to details. And then, I had the epiphany, “Details matter.” Details matter in first impressions, teaching lessons, parenting children, serving others, working on a team, and achieving goals. Details are the ubiquitous force that move people forward.



Take a look at the quote below:


Innovators build off other designs by focusing on the details in all that they do.

A habit of mine has always been to ask the big picture questions. Absorbed with answering the whys and the hows, I sometimes neglected the what. I have sometimes neglected the details.


They key for me is giving details attention without agonizing over the questions that get in the way of getting stuff done. Also, I need to realize what details matter, what details need to get done, and what details can wait.  I suppose that leads me back to challenge myself to prioritize.focusonthedetails

Letting go of  useless details that cause my wheels to spin, that distract me from what’s important, and that get in the way of me. When my wheels are spinning and when I’m distracted, I need to acknowledge that and work to refocus the situation whether with students, colleagues, or a shiny light of distraction.

Yes, I need to not let the useless details take over,


so I don’t miss out on the world around me and this beautiful life I have.


Details matter. When I csee the details and connect the dots, I get a better appreciation of the big picture.  The vision might propel me forward, but without the details, the vision is never realized. After all the big picture is actually art created by design–a design that is the sum of all the details.

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