Socialism (or not)



Husband English Teacher: I was talking to my class today about the Great Depression because we are about to start our Of Mice and Men unit and L. asks, “Bernie Sanders and Teddy Roosevelt, are they both socialists?”

Husband English Teacher:  [continuing his story] Let’s talk about Teddy Roosevelt first–

Daughter 3rd Grader: Wait a second–Teddy’s wife was way more social than he was. She liked to go to parties.

Husband English Teacher: [mumbles with me turning away and laughing into a pillow] A different kind of sociali–

Daughter 3rd Grader: No, really, it’s true. He even called his wife his eyes and ears because [wondering about my laughter]. It’s true. We’re learning about this stuff.

Husband English Teacher: [stopping the conversation because it’s past bedtime] Yeah, I guess we are.

I never heard the rest of my husband’s story because I was laughing so hard that my husband gave up on his story.

Sarah used to call moths mops, but I think this is even funnier.


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