MacBook  Rehab

  My daughter spilled water on my Mac. Her apology was sarcastic. A flickering screen. Shut down. 

Step 1: Remove battery. Back removed. Battery won’t come out. 

Step 2: A crate and a fan is the suggested solution. Put fan under crate with towel on crate–let air blow on it (note: blow dryer not recommended–fries parts).

A googled solution–hope it works!  My Mac is in rehab for the second time this school year. Hopefully the crate fan thing will work without me going to the Mac store. 

For now, though, I am blogging on an iPhone. Lessons by hand? How do I do that? 

Sigh…maybe this is a sign for me to shut down, too.

By the way, my girl finally apologized, and we hugged a long hug. Some of the people I care about most drive me the craziest.

One thought on “MacBook  Rehab

  1. llsmiles

    I bet it will work. Kids will wear you out. At least she admitted it… we have a ghost named Itwasntme. I’m so with you; the folks I love drive me the craziest too!


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