Lead this Horse to Water

Warning: Composed on iPhone without reading glasses.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink; however, you can make it thirsty.

I innovate. I recreate. I am in process. I run with new ideas. This is why prioritizing is difficult. Do I leave an idea behind and proceed with what is dull and tiresome because I have papers to grade or do I follow my bliss, live for the moment of creating what will engage and scaffold and make my students thirsty. After all, rigor without scaffolding is just hard work (Blackburn, Rigor is not a Four Letter Word). Also, teaching without engagement is boring not only for the students but also for me (and anyone who observes me).

Life happens. Tragedy happens. Prioritizing is difficult. For the second time in my 18 year teaching career, I lost a student. Carolyn was an amazing student, and her entire family was killed by her step-brother. Our community is grieving. Priorities shift. Yes, shift happens. Somehow the spreadsheet seems less important.

I did something to my knee last week and it was swollen and hurting, so I went to the doctor and had it examined. I am okay, but the priority of exercise has gone by the wayside for this week.

In it all, I have to find a way to reprioritize, to innovate but still get done what needs to get done lest the paper piles get bigger.

I guess I have been lead to water, I am thirsty, but maybe I need Kool-Aid in my trough. I need to go back to the book and re-evaluate. Plus, I need to touch base with the other teachers reading the book.

Next week I think I will focus only on successes. I have had many.

2 thoughts on “Lead this Horse to Water

  1. Yay for successes! Yes you have! Also – that first sentence reminded me of Linus for some reason. the wording of it 🙂 It’s a compliment.


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