What’s Going Well


I want to focus on the positive, only the positive this week as I try to prioritize (my OLW)  and become  one of those together teachers (http://www.thetogethergroup.com).

This is difficult for me because my typical MO is, well, oh yeah, the good…here goes:

What’s going well?

1.  The front of my class room is more organized than it’s ever been. I sent my desk to the back of the room, and I really like this cleaner look.  I just added my file of daily stuff to a shelf I have up front. I think this will help me throughout the day when papers come my way.

2. I have been cooking and being a better wife.

3. I have this cool calendar with all my repeating events for the year.

4. I am able to assess where I am having difficulties with priorities, and I think I can move forward on this.

5. I find myself in process and tweaking things.

6. I see the necessity of  prioritizing the systems I’ve created to not try to do too much to soon.

With these positives, I realize the foundation is set, and now I just need to discover how to build upon it.

Wish me luck–I’m still in process.

By the way, writing the positives felt good.


4 thoughts on “What’s Going Well

  1. Thank you! I felt so inspired – I have not heard of “The Together Teacher” before. Now I want to see what it is all about. I am making progress in de-cluttering my home and already feel the psychological boost of a less-encumbered space. I’m also trying to cook more and be a better wife:). Keep at it, and I will too!


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