Ode to Java


28 of 31

Trying to emulate a Pablo Neruda esque ode. Fun times!  http://www.motherbird.com/pablo.htm

Oh, my steamy dreamy
morning delight,
you percolate my senses
lift me from my slumber
uncover the sleep
from my eyes.

The warmth
between my hands.
the heaven
on my lips—
you are my everything.

Your pheromones
release my primal
desire of caffeinated

Oh succulent
java delight
I adore you more than
the midnight sun
of my Nordic heritage.

Your strength is my salvation
you fill me to the brim
and nurture
and sustain
my soul.

Without you,
I am a zombie—dead
without purpose
roaming the earth
unable to survive
a human existence.

You are the dangerous
and dark hot stuff
of my deligthful, dizzying dreams
fulfilling all the promises
of rich, full, and complete


15 thoughts on “Ode to Java

  1. mag

    Oh yes! Sometimes I whisper,”mmmmmmm Ambrosia of the goods as I take a whiff of my brew!” just opening the new bag gives me a chill.
    Great piece! Thanks.


  2. Paul

    The “Ode to Common Things” is a great exercise — it’s outlined nicely in a book called Wordplaygrounds, I think? Your play with line breaks and sounds bumping off each other is what draws me in here — “dangerous dark delightful dizzying dreams” being just one sweet example. Fun stuff! 🙂


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