Celebrating My Kids




School Parking Lot at Sundown

My teacher friend coworker Aimee posted this picture on Facebook the other night with the caption, “Always the 3 of Us at Sundown.” Sad but true. Today I want to celebrate the times that I am not obsessed with school. Today I celebrate my kids and the life, laughter, and love they add to my life.





Dinner with Michael (and his homework–not my schoolwork!)

Camera shy Michael hid behind his cookie. He and I had dinner and hung out at Subway. He did his homework after dinner, and I wrote a blog post. Having some time for just the two of us was nice. We had some time to be silly and get stuff done at the same time.












While trying to get his phone, Michael , my sixth grade boy, got stuck behind the sofa. He took a selfie to prove it to me. Having hurt his knee this week he was unable to push the sofa out. At first I thought Michael was playing a trick on me, but no, he was really stuck behind the sofa. Kids, one moment they are independent, and the next moment they are in need of our help. Michael was fine, though, while he waited for help. He listened to a game, played on his phone, and tried to take a nap.






“Mom, there’s an error on this shirt. It should be fiercely.”

In the above photo, my nerdy little Sarah correct the error on the shirt. Being the product of two English teacher parents,she wields a red pen.  Gotta love my little grammar girl! Needless to say she did not want to buy the shirt above.

The one she bought today had the quote, “I’m not strong for a girl. I’m just strong.” A perfect shirt for her.







Life is so much more entertaining with children probably because they Live life fiercely!



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