Slice Daily for the Entire Month of March

March Slice of Life Challenge 

A slice, a sliver, a tiny piece of me. Tonight, a sliver, that’s all I have left.

6% battery life left–need to recharge–but I think I’ll just write quickly. This way I can walk away from this bright shiny light and call it a day. I, too, need to recharge. I’d like to say my KMWP meeting this meaning recharged me, but it didn’t. The company was good, the food was good, the ideas were excellent, but I’m just tired. Tired. Tired of taking on too much. Tired of saying, “Yes.”

I said yes to KMWP. I said yes to TechEds. I say yes to too much. I need to say yes to less.

A wise friar once said to me, “Maya, when you’re everywhere, you’re nowhere.”

I thrive on trying new things, I love to learn, I’m passionate about it, but sometimes it’s time for me to realize that my battery is running low, and I need to recharge.

For now, on this Saturday, my blog readers get this, my rough draft, my sloppy copy, my unrefined written word.

The battery level is going down, and so shall the lid of this laptop.


6 thoughts on “Slice

  1. “yes-less” think you’ve found your mantra. My sister taught me the art of “no” by escorting me to her door and saying, “bye?” It wasn’t rude at all. The inflection was precision–almost like, “You’d like to leave, right?” Say no & let go. Don’t do that thing where you say you can’t and apologize profusely. Say no. Then take a nap. Laptops aren’t the only lids that need closing. It’ll get easier. Re-charge!

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  2. A recharge is required to run at full capacity. Take care of yourself and set your priorities. “They” will keep coming back because “they” know you will say yes. Surprise them and say, “Not this time, thank you for asking.”


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