From Meandering to Deliberate


For years, I have meandered in the way I live, write, and teach. I plan to lessen my meandering and streamline my focus. This year I am going to be more deliberate in how I live, so I have revised the name of my blog as a way of reminding myself. Also, I have made deliberate my One Word (One Little Word) to live by for 2016.


From 2012: About Maya’s Meandering (the original about me page)

Meandering is how I often write, not meandering without purpose, but meandering as a means to an end. I find myself through my writing, in the words that I type. I try to make sense of the world around me. My world around me explored through my meandering is a world full of the joys and stresses of teaching, my pedagogical pondering, things that stress me out, my love for my family and friends, my love of books,  and lately my passion for exploring various forms of poetry. Lately, I find my meandering is less scattered; perhaps confining myself to a form of poetry is not confining at all.

Having participated in a National Writing Project 2011 summer institute with the Kennesaw Mountain Writing Project, I knew I should be writing, but I just didn’t know how to find the time, the motivation, or the audience. I was thrilled when I found out about Stacey and Ruth, Two Writing Teachers, an instant community of teacher writers who share their experiences, slices of life,  with each other. March is a 31 day marathon of daily blogging/slicing, and the rest of the year several teachers is a weekly endeavor where teachers write each week and share their posts on Tuesdays.

Since that time, I’ve been writing slices of my life with other teachers from all around. Most of the comments on my blog are from teachers I’ve never met; these are teachers I’ve connected with as we share struggles, loss, joys, and passions. In fact, I would call these teachers my friends.  The Slice of Life community is a strong community of passionate teachers who know that in addition to all the other benefits of writing, writing helps you become a better teacher. In fact, if there were  a school composed of Slice of Life teachers, that would be where I would want to send my own children.

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