Undeniable Force


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I love when a simple quote leads to self-awareness and self-discovery. I love when I find myself in a quote–especially when I see both my past and present self as well as my future self.

Yes, the force is within me, but as long as the force resides inside or merely manifests itself as words on a blogpost, my growth lies dormant like an animal hibernating. Some parts of me were like that for years, wishes and aspirations without action.

The force is within me, but as long as the force is scattered or misdirected, I will do little to make visions and goals reality. For my first 17 years of teaching, I was unable to guide the force within me because I did not how to harness and channel that force. As a result my passionate energy, my pedagogical thinking, my content knowledge, and my mad skills were scattered and unfocused. The growth was happening, but like young Skywalker in the swamp I was held back by my own fears.

Until my undeniable force that wanted to grow, move, and expand met my current principal, my thoughts and visions of what I could become remained unrealized and my passion and energy were scattered.


At one point, he told me I give him too much credit. Perhaps I did, and perhaps I do. All he did was awaken  and channel what was already in me. Of course, I could call him a Jedi Master and remove the villainous title of He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, but that would detract from our witty banter and would go to his head.

Yes, indeed, there is an undeniable force within us all that makes us want to grow, move, and expand.  When we awaken that force within ourselves, we have the potential to awaken it in others as well.

Here’s to awakening the force of growth, movement, and expansion in ourselves and in others as well.


4 thoughts on “Undeniable Force

  1. Sometimes we have to travel a painful road to discover that force lying within. Sounds like you’ve found your path and now you are a force to be reckoned with.


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