Wing it, Tweak it, Schedule it

Today has been a day of  powerful messages from Tweets, an email, and a conversation.

This morning a friend retweeted this as a follow up from my full moon post yesterday:

winging it

I loved the quote about winging it as well as what Mel Robbins tweeted; however, I find the two an unlikely pairing and somewhat ironic.

WING IT (Quote to the Left Above): “To be honest, I’m just winging it…my life motherhood, my eyeliner, everything!”

My Thoughts: I’m still winging way too much in my life–the unimportant things like eyeliner–I just don’t know how to do that well, but I don’t really care about eyeliner. I’m no longer winging my lesson plans and my day to day teaching practice. I even have 8 notebooks to prove that as well as scores that deem me to be at the acceptable level of performance. Yet there are still some areas of teaching, family, and life that I’m winging. These are areas that need my deliberateness. 

TWEAK IT/Mel Robbins (@melrobbins):  My secret to success: Take action, adjust, take action, adjust, repeat until desired result is achieved…

My Thoughts: Mel’s Tweet is an unlikely pairing for the “winging it” quote. When winging it, I assert I’m unprepared, and I just go for it. Up until about 4 years ago, I would sometimes come to school not knowing what I would teach that day. I remember, one day in particular, when I flipped through Awakening the Heart and decided the 6 room image poem would be fun. That day I was observed and my AP raved about how wonderful my lesson was. I felt guilty because the lesson was a last minute unplanned success.

These days that no longer happens. Rarely do I jump into the deep end unprepared. Instead, I try to wade into the deep end with a clear plan of the steps of the day. I guess you could say that I’ve taken action, adjusted, taken action, and adjusted.

SCHEDULE IT/Principal’s Email: “Before you book up your summer, come see me.”

I knew what was coming in that email response to me asking about doing some work over the summer with the state. “Don’t give up too much time of your summer. Be with your family. Rest.”  What I didn’t anticipate was the challenge for me to schedule time, actually calendar time to shut down. Calendar down time? Calendar relaxation? Plan my time of no school work? I don’t even plan my time of school work (other than the lessons). Give myself permission to spend some time with nothing but family/friends, relaxation, and down time. Adding to that, my principal also told me why he needs me to do that–how without that time, I won’t be energized when I return, the positive cheerleader (I hate that noun used simply to convey positive energy–oh well) he needs me to be. And then, he said, “Unless you don’t like your family–if you don’t like your family, just fill every moment of your summer, so you can stay away from them. But…I actually get the feeling that you like your family.”

My Thoughts:  Calendar down time. Calendar family time. Calendar? My calendar–do I have a calendar? I have some apps I sporadically use, and occasionally look at and use, but I have been really bad about calendars and to dos and all that sort of stuff. 

My Take Away from Today: #myoneword deliberate. 1st quarter of the year–almost done. My One Word, however, seems to be something I’m just winging. You can’t wing deliberate. Winging it doesn’t mean taking action then adjusting either. 

I suppose now is the time for me to consider how to adjust and take action. Ultimately, shutting down is needed not just in the summer but also each day (yes, boss, I heard you the time before and the time before–just haven’t figured it out yet). Ultimately, my patience level, my disposition, my productivity, my creativity, my longevity, and my family depend on this. I’d like for this year of striving to be more deliberate to ultimately result in me finding a way to lessen the disequilibrium between work and family.  

Today I am thankful for my friend and my boss friend.  Now it’s up to me: schedule, take action, adjust while at the same time realizing that habits are developed through repetition. This takes me other words today that moved me today, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore is not an act but a habit.”

What this means for me is creating the right habits–not the habits that lead to scatteredness but instead the ones that lead ultimately to down time that will make me more effective, more positive, and probably more productive. Must-jump-out-of-vortex…quick someone grab my arm and pull me out and grab me a calendar while you’re at it.

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