What do I do with a moment?



What I do with a moment depends on me: it depends on my disposition, my perspective, and my openness.

Tonight was the Miss AMS Pageant. I know if you’re like I am, you’re thinking, “A middle school pageant–ugh!”

I’ve never been into girls becoming princesses and prancing, singing,  dancing, and competing.

Yet somehow the school’s yearly pageant has grown on me. I used to tolerate it and work it because, well, “additional duties and responsibilities” fall somewhere in line with events like this and because the funds raised do a lot for my school.

What do I do with a moment? When I am my best self, I embrace the moment. Tonight was full of embraceable moments.

The Siblings
Watching siblings come back to AMS on a Saturday night to support their little sisters is special.

The Parents
Clapping, beaming, laughing, hugging, loving–being present for their little girls. Off to the side, I enjoy watching the look in the eyes of parents as their daughters are on stage.

The Essay
Listening to the words of a winning essay written about Malala Yousafa and knowing those words began with a short conversation with me  when this young lady asked me what event in her lifetime I thought was most important.  All I did was have a conversation and loan this student a documentary and a book, and she created an essay about the power of one person’s words to impact change. I had tears in my eyes and was so proud as I heard the words read, and yes, a sixth grader’s essay won for the entire school.

The Songs
Passion, energy, excitement, and nervousness fill the air as these girls perform. I find myself wiping my eyes a bit as moments move me.

The Conversations
Tonight I talked to former students, big brothers, parents, and grandparents. From missing the times in my class to appreciating my role in the lives of these girls, I enjoyed these conversations. One former student called me over to talk to him and said,”My sister talks about how much she loves your class all the time.”

My Coworkers
I work with some fun people. A night like this with us all working together in many different capacities joins us in a different sort of way.

Growing Up
As the girls of 6th grade transform into the young ladies of 8th grade, they carry themselves with more poise, more maturity, and more confidence.

The Community
Being a part of a community of teachers, faculty, parents, family, and students is really amazing. On an event like tonight, the community comes together in a unique way.

The T-Shirt
An event has really happened when I receive a t-shirt. 🙂 After being a “bouncer” for several years, this year the bouncers got special t-shirts. Black t-shirts with sparkly silver letters with BOUNCER on the back with a crown over the B. Yes, I feel tough.


What do I do with a moment?
When my perspective is right, I enjoy the moment, I let go of things that bother me, and I find the good.  While I’m not into pageants and princesses, I love my school family and thoroughly enjoy being a part of this community coming together.

What I do with a moment is up to me making the most of it and embracing the good.

Each and every moment of my life hinges on my perspective.

Tonight I embrace and celebrate the good.


5 thoughts on “What do I do with a moment?

  1. I think you’re right: perspective is so important. I know you mean about duties and responsibilities. But there are moments to enjoy. Thanks for sharing this.


  2. I enjoyed your reflections on the pageant and the perspective that it has given you. Life’s moments get tucked into our memories. I also blogged about my child’s middle school drama conference this past Saturday. I liked your use of subheadings. I might borrow your formatting next time I recollect an event and its impact on those involved and on me. Thanks!


  3. This is a very cool post. I really enjoyed your reflection about all the meaningful things at this event. Also, your final reflection about a moment. Sounds like a really interesting night.


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