Don’t Blink

Baby Toes?

Adorable kissable baby toes–don’t  you just love them?   Look at those little toes–those aren’t the toes of my 8-year-old, are they?  Where did the baby toes go?

Tonight I painted Sarah’s fingernails and toenails because tomorrow is picture day. Yes, I know the nails won’t show, but that didn’t stop her insistence.

As we sat across from each other, we laughed, talked, sang, and cut up. Times like tonight make me wonder why I let so many potential moments pass me by?  Look at those toes. One day they’ll be as big as mine.


File_000 (1)
Simple Pleasures

Sometimes I get so caught up in the responsibilities of teaching that I forget about the simple pleasures of being a mom.

Actually, I think that’s kind of sad and pathetic because, after all, my first role as teacher is all about the footsteps I walk in my own house.



I adore my kids. As an “older” parent, I sometimes shake my head when people say something like, “Don’t blink because they will be all grown up. Hold on to each precious moment.”

Tonight I saw a precious moment in a simple pleasure–simply being together in an ordinary moment. And in the moment what I found was the extraordinary in the ordinary. And tonight I didn’t want to blink for fear that those little baby toes would be all grown up.

Truly living life is about finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. A few jars of nail polish, and a little girl time–so simple, so beautiful–extraordinary. As I wrapped my arms around Sarah, she took my phone to snap the shot. As soon as I looked at the photo, I knew I didn’t want to blink.



One thought on “Don’t Blink

  1. Really appreciated and enjoyed reading this! I’m going to keep the quote “My first role as a teacher is all about the footsteps I walk in my own house” with me. Wonderfully put! I do try to take those mental snapshots of the small moments. They add up so quickly!


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