Taking Flight



“I’m into butterflies now,” my 82-year-old mom told me this afternoon showing me her latest paintings.

People throughout the world are into butterflies, too.The symbols of the butterfly are many: hope, endurance, change, life, time, soul, grace, growth, elegance, resurrection, expansion, lightness, surrender, transition, expression, celebration, and vulnerability.


Today my favorite painting of the three is the butterfly on the left (and below), the one taking flight.

Look closely at this butterfly. I connect to her as she prepares for take off. She’s transitory yet grounded. She’s moving forward into her future. Her destination is elusive, and her desire to fly is apparent. She’s suspended in a moment of grace, a moment that may or may not last based on what happens and how she responds as she flies into the foggy green horizon.

FullSizeRender 4

Taking Flight

Ah, the winged, transformative creature is no longer an awkward clunky caterpillar as she prepares to spread her wings. She is made anew. I loved this painting as soon as I saw it. In her newness preparing to take flight, she still appears a bit vulnerable as her legs are not firmly planted, her wings look fragile, and the horizon is elusive, yet this moment is still one of grace.

Sometimes at the age of 47,  I feel like this winged creature. Not too long ago, I pushed my way out of my cocoon-like walls and shed myself of my caterpillar clunkiness, and now I feel like I am becoming more butterfly.

Taking flight, shedding the old, and becoming anew–feeling a bit vulnerable in self-discovery of who I’ve been and who I’m becoming. No longer protected by the walls of my cocoon, no longer clunking around as a caterpillar, I am taking flight.



Perhaps on another day I will feel as if I have spread my wings in celebration of my true self without the vulnerability or elusiveness that I sometime feel now.

FullSizeRender 3

Spreading my Wings



WINGS OF_____________

Day to day and moment to moment as I spread my wings, perhaps I will feel the wings of hope, change, endurance, and life. Who knows, but as long as I spread my wings and open myself to discovery of who I am and who others around me are, I will continue to grow and change and love in new ways.

I, too, am into butterflies.

FullSizeRender 2

Wings of ___________________


5 thoughts on “Taking Flight

  1. I have no words. The paintings are magnificent. I wish I could meet her. My sister-in-law is a fiber artist and has created enormous butterflies and moths being exhibited in St. George, UT. So beautiful.

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  2. Anonymous

    Beautifully said…. my dear Maya…. Brought wonderful memories “from then”…. Pray for me…. I pray for you ! Love!
    Sister Margarita, ACJ

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