I Filled this Blog Space Baby

Apologies to Taylor Swift–Blank Space Parody

Will defeat you
Writing when?
My blog is quite full of teacher things
Teaching, madness, differentiation
No thoughts to share and I thought oh my god
Look it’s late, I can’t fill my blogging place.
Writing’s lame, thoughts at bay
No thoughts, words will die
I can’t write you words unseen
Ain’t it funny here I sigh
And I know you linked onto me
So hey, teacher friends
I’m hoping to see tonight’s blog end.
Grab my coffee–magic wand
I can’t fake the words ’til the weekend.

Writer’s block forever
Or it’s gonna end up sounding lame
You can comment when it’s over
If the read was worth the pain
Got a short list of started posts
That’ll show you I’m mundane
Cause you know I ain’t a player
And my writing’s lame

Cause I’m old and I’m tarnished
I can’t take ideas very far.
I’ll  leave you varnished
Won’t get a writing star
Can’t be an ex-blogger
Cause I’m losing fame.
But I filled this blog space baby
And I’m in this game.

Look out, Weird Al….


One thought on “I Filled this Blog Space Baby

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