Rebranding: One Word=Deliberate


Yes, today I celebrate the beginning of 2016 by rebranding. While I’ve established my blog as Meandering Maya, I have decided that I need to streamline, and so now I


in an attempt to mold myself into what I’d like to become. To reach my proverbial market, I need to rebrand.

This means out with the old and in with the new.

Rebranding is the bridge from OLD to NEW. Concept 3D illustration.


I want to streamline my focus in all areas of life in 2016  as I reach to achieve new goals such as

deliberateone-word-poster .

Though meandering (ideation in top 5, Gallup Strengthsfinder) helps me make meaning and generate ideas, to others my thoughts seem disjointed; consequently, I’d like to learn to be more deliberate in what I say, write, and do.

And so, today I celebrate my rebranding by unveiling a change in my blog’s title as I strive to go

meanderingtodeliberate .


One thought on “Rebranding: One Word=Deliberate

  1. Maya, This is probably one of the most thought out OWL posts I have ever read. Although I really liked the title Meandering Maya I can understand where you are going with the deliberate and will be cheering you on.


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