What Word Will Work?

One word. One year. One challenge.

What are my hopes for this word? How would I like it to impact me?

  • To be a catalyst  for change
  • To inspire me
  • To keep me focused on moving forward
  • To infuse all areas of my life

What words have made my short list? Below I have included each word with its meaning along with my reasoning.

  • Intentional-made, given, or done with full awareness of what one is doing   I want my actions to be purposeful, focused, and planned having a greater awareness of each moment.

  • Moment-present time OR
  • Present-pointing out or relating to the time right now   Oftentimes I find myself scattered in many directions to the extent that I don’t make the most of each moment. I am grading papers and/or planning when I should be spending time with my family. 

  • Focused-having the mind fixed on something, not divided or scattered among several areas of interest or concern I’d like to be more focused on each moment, so I am able to get done what I need to get done in a timely and efficient fashion. That way I will have more time for my family.

  • Consistency-agreement or logical coherence among  parts OR
  • Routine-a regular way of doing things in a particular order OR
  • Deliberate-done or said in a way that is planned or intended, done or said on purpose  I love to try new strategies, I hyper-focus when I am engaged, I struggle with keeping up with to dos, and I sometimes jump into the deep end before I am ready. I’d like to get to the point that my I can channel my energy in such a way that I can still maintain consistency in my routines and day to day activities. 

  • Prudence-wisdom in action, the ability to govern and discipline oneself by the use of reason  For me, prudence could simply be replaced by “filtered.” I often do not think before I speak–I’m better than I used to be, but I still have a ways to go.

  • Follow-through-the act of completing an action or process I’d like for my follow-through to be more timely,  more consistent, and more widespread. I’d like for my follow through to extend from grading papers to family time.

Now I look at my list of words and wonder what one word has the potential to change my life the most. What one word will make a difference for work, home, and faith? What one word will work?

What one word will work best for me, and what one word will I work best?

STAY TUNED…Hopefully the answer comes to me soon.




4 thoughts on “What Word Will Work?

  1. Enjoyed ur post. Last year was the first year I tried to join Jon Gordon and pick a word. It was ” intentional. “. This year I am considering “margin” and “compartmentalize”. I will look forward to finding out what word u choose. May ur new year present new adventures!


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  2. Dawn, intentional was among my top choices, but I believe my word for 2016 will be deliberate (both the adjective and the verb seem to work). Interesting how we pick similar words, the kind that keep us grounded and focused.


  3. I enjoyed how you shared your process as you consider words for your OLW. I especially like how you annotated each word definition with how it applied to you. I look forward to seeing your choice. Happy New Year!


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