Peace in the Chaos


Blogging Roadside…

“Find peace in the chaos,” I tell her. Count your blessings–all the good things in your life.  Easy for me to say. Life is good, the break is approaching, and I have been strep free since Thanksgiving.

Tonight, a night of chaos–pulled over in a construction zone, one with no construction workers–ticket issued. Mean officer–merry Christmas, dude. I called my husband who barked at me for being late not knowing how stern the officer had been.  Grrrrr!

Husband called me back–his car  broken down.  Grabbed my son who  was walking down the road to meet me– I drop him at his school for the performance. 

Husband and daughter back at car.  What a night of chaos! Call AP for a ride to work tomorrow–she repeats the words I told another, “Find peace in the chaos.” She tells me she is glad to pick me up.

Driving down the road I think of how easy it is to give advice and how difficult it can be to heed your own advice. I rant in a voicemail  to my peace in the chaos friend–I even find myself laughing for  a moment as I think, “Peace in the flippin’ chaos!”

Tow company called–no answer. Police push car off road. Pick up son. Daughter misses soccer banquet. We are all safe and together. Tow truck finally comes.

Now I sit in the car–family all together, the warm heat blows, we may be out several hundred dollars, but we are together. We are healthy, we are happy, we are loved. Yes, merry Christmas. Life is good.  May we all find  peace in the chaos.


One thought on “Peace in the Chaos

  1. Oh, Maya! What a horrible evening when you list the facts, but yes, it is all good when you are safe and healthy. Hope the chaos is over for now. 🙂


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