What’s for Dinner?



Today my son walked in the front door enthusiastically hollering, “What’s for dinner, mom?”

It warmed my heart and felt so good to answer him and know that dinner was almost on the table ready to be served. Usually I’m not at home early enough to make dinner before Michael goes to practice. I am at work getting things done, getting ready for the next day, doing something to help someone out, writing on my board, grading papers, sending emails…

Not today, though. Today I was playing the role of Mom with dinner just about ready when the crew got home.

Okay, let me get honest, today I was home by doctor’s orders because I have Strep. Wow, Strep throat makes me a better mom. There, I said it. Yes, it took Strep throat to make me a better mom. The dinner was ready (almost). I did a load of laundry, too.

Houston, we have a problem.

Why is it that it takes illness to force me to stop and realize that I often neglect what is most important? My own family. I try to reach the ever increasing bar at work, but meanwhile I never hear the voice ring out, “What’s for dinner, mom?”

This is the second time I have heard that voice from my son this school year.

The other time?

Preplanning. A day with a meeting at a school near my house.


How’s that working for me?

Or better still, how am I working on that?

I need to find a way to hear that happy voice opening the door and saying those words at least once a week. For you SuperMoms that seems like a SlackerMom’s goal–well, maybe it is. But it’s a start. Mike, when you read this, hold me to it. Give me my day. Friends at work, kick me out. Make me go home. Remind me to set an alarm to go off on all my devices.

I planned to write about how not sleeping enough made me sick, but now I realize I had a more important lesson to learn. It shouldn’t take being sick to get me home early enough to make dinner. It also shouldn’t take being sick for me to realize I need to sleep more. Yes, I need to work on prioritizing. I can’t change the hours in the day, but there are things I can change. I just got to figure how and what to change.


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