Shifting Perspective

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Celebrate This Week 

I’ve seen a lot of my fellow teacher bloggers writing weekly with “Celebrate this Week” on Saturdays, but I’ve never joined in the celebration Now is the time–so often I introspect without celebrating. Today I will celebrate (yes, I may introspect, too).

Perspective. I am celebrating the ability to change my perspective and see things differently.

This week I was reminded of how small shifts in perspective can lead me to important discoveries. The other afternoon when leaving work I could not find my lanyard with my keys and badge, so I left work wondering and without keys. The next morning when getting ready to leave for work I couldn’t find my glasses. I looked on the organ in the kitchen where I usually put them, but they were not there. When I got to work and moved a newly laminated anchor chart, I discovered my keys under it.  When I got home that afternoon and was standing on the other side of the organ and looking from a different perspective, I found my glasses.

Both of these incidents so clearly showed me how small shifts can lead to important discoveries, and they also so clearly showed me how seeing things from just one angle (my angle) can be so limiting. Without my glasses, I am myopic. Without changing perspective, I have a myopic view of life.

Maybe those two incidents within 24 hours were little reminders gifted to me, “Maya, don’t forget that not everybody sees things like you. Take a step back to see things from a different angle. Figure out what’s clouding your vision–uncover that which limits your perspective.”

Perhaps my life story isn’t meant to be told in solely in the first person myopic sort of perspective. Perhaps my life story needs to shift point of view from time to time, so I can step back, understand others more,  understand how others see me, and perhaps even better understand myself and others.


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