Friday Night

Slice Daily for the Entire Month of March

March Slice of Life Challenge

I must be old. Friday night is not what it once was, a time to go out, stay up late, and get crazy.

What is Friday night now? A sophoric night–the night that invites sleep, hard, fast, and early. No matter what I do on a Friday night, my head is nodding, my eyes are drooping, and my body is telling me it’s time for sleep. My body commands my sleep, “I helped you through the week; now I will induce your sleep. You do NOT have a choice. You WILL sleep now.”

Nothing is free from inducing slumber: TV, movie, basketball game, conversation, blogging. Everything I do results in drifting off to sleep again and again.

Yawns fire in rapid succession. My eyes are weighted, and they fall shut. Once closed they resist opening.



on the keyboard





Friday slumber

beckons me.

My words lose


My mind meanders

and my eyes close.

It is time for sleep.


4 thoughts on “Friday Night

  1. You had me at beginning. Friday used to be the opposite. Then this post took a poetic turn that I wasn’t expecting but liked a lot. It felt sleepy. Great last slice to end the night with!


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