From Stumbling Forward to Springing Forward

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March Slice of Life Challenge

Last weekend I lost an hour of sleep to spring forward. The weather was rainy and miserable on Monday, and I, under the weather, felt like I was stumbling forward on my face into something that didn’t resemble spring at all. All week I dragged myself to work, endured the workday, and coughed myself to sleep at night.

Today I was able to breathe, really breathe for the first time in over a week. I had energy (not my usual bouncing off the wall type of high energy self, but I’m getting there). The sun was shining this afternoon, and I enjoyed car rider duty because it felt like spring with the warmth of the sun shining and a slight breeze in the air. Today I felt like I was beginning to spring forward with new life and with my health restored.

Perhaps I just needed a week to adjust to the time change. Perhaps losing that one hour on top of all the other one hours I’ve lost time and time again made the springing forward more than my body could handle.

This week I feel human and a bit more like myself. Today I didn’t even fall apart when technology caused 28 out of 31 kids in my second period to be unable to submit their checkpoint data. I even was able to find ways to work around the glitches the rest of the day. Brain operational. Breathing good. Life is good.

Springing forward.



2 thoughts on “From Stumbling Forward to Springing Forward

  1. Technology glitches – aargh! And you didn’t even fall apart.

    “Brain operational. Breathing good. Life is good.

    Springing forward.


    Love your words in this slice.


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