Saturday on the Sofa

Slice Daily for the Entire Month of March

March Slice of Life Challenge

Mindless TV watching day, Saturday on the sofa–trying to continue recovery I watched TV all day. I decided to click on the first thing of interest on Netflix and began watching Grey’s Anatomy, Season 1. While I’ve seen an episode or two before, I never was really into it. Today changed that. Like a zombie I sat on the sofa all day long watching episode after episode and doing nothing else productive. No school work. No lessons. No grading.

The only thing I did productive was start a load of laundry and fold a load of laundry. Nothing else.

Hopefully taking it easy and staying in jammies all day is enough for my body to recover. I also slept for over 12 hours last night. Slowing down has proven ineffective for me to get over the sore throat, cough, bronchitis, whatever it is that I have, so today I decided to just stop. My cough still sounds horrible, and my energy is still low, but I hope I’m getting better. I certainly hope so because I’m getting tired of slicing about my health.

Maybe tomorrow I will be inspired by something else, something outside myself, something other than obsessing over my health.



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