Drifting Off

Slice Daily for the Entire Month of March

March Slice of Life Challenge

I survived a week of work. That’s what this week was survival, dragging through the motions, trying to engage, teach, reach, grade, plan, meet–all of it. I went home before my afternoon duty twice but other than that I was there all week, even for before school meetings and tutoring. I considered calling  in sick twice. I dragged myself to endure so I could do tech teaching for visitors, so I could review for a test, so I could have students self-analyze their writing, so I could collaborate with my peers, so I could be present to work with others to schedule RTIs, so I didn’t have to risk no available sub and teachers having to cover my classes.

And now, here on Friday night I’ve made it, and I feel like I deserve a badge of martrydom, of insanity, of foolishness, of dedication…

Really, though, the only badge/award I want is one that will let me go to sleep right now at 8 PM,  before my children. Do you think anyone will notice if I just quietly slip off to sleep?

Nevermind…my daughter is ready to get snuggly and read in my bed. I think I will be drifting off to dreamland while she reads.

Goodnight. May the hacking cough subside and the dreams take over.


6 thoughts on “Drifting Off

  1. I feel your exhaustion! Our work is tremendously undervalued!!! I hope your students and colleagues appreciate how hard you worked this week. I’d give you that award of dedication! Hope you’re feeling better soon!


  2. Oh, no. 😦 I’ve had weeks like that… and I can never just slip quietly off to sleep. I hope you wake up tomorrow feeling better! … and that you are able to sleep a bunch over the weekend.


  3. Congratulations for surviving–I think we can all identify with the week that seems it’ll never end. Hope your weekend gives you some restorative time, or at least, sleep!


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