Engage: It’s all the Rage

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March Slice of Life Challenge

Yesterday I wrote about the desire to create Endings that Don’t Suck. That writing helped me reflect and so did the responses I received from fellow teacher bloggers who affirmed me and gave me a few ideas, as well as the usual suspect, that blog reading princiPAL of mine who told me to go back and read all the good things on my evaluation.

I did. I like to see the nice stuff, but lately I like to see the other stuff, too. I like to see the challenge. I like to get the feedback. In fact, perhaps I dare even say I am glad I had 6 evals this year because I got something from each visit, and I did something to improve from each visit. The way my mind works, though, is the good is good because of where my passion and interests lie, so I don’t focus on that as much because usually that builds naturally for me.

Here’s what I thought about after blogging and reading responses.
All I need to do to figure things out is
be open,
and reflect on what that means for me,
Then, I just need to do something.
Reflecting is who I am, but reflection without action is stagnation.

And so, I did a little Googling, did a little thinking, and I found myself thinking about comments from a few people about involving the kids. Then, I thought about buy in from the kids and from me, so today I tried out something new, “Anyone who has a QR reader, get your phone out.” We’re pretty nerdy in my room because I’m involved in a TechEd initiative.

That being the case phones are flying out of pockets and they are on the QR reader app (I-nigma is my favorite) and scanning my code.

QR reflection

This comes from the work of Tony Vincent. Here is some more QR fun from him.

After the students had fun answering random questions, we talked about QR codes,and what they thought of closings. The students collectively groaned–they don’t like closings. I told them that in a moment of learning (like yesterday) I would be involved working them and would forget, even shutting off the alarm and promptly forgetting it went off.

I asked them what they thought about creating closings using QR codes and technology. I said how about we try to think of closings that we’re excited about. So that’s where I am today–for me, all the rage is to engage.

If I’m bored, they’re bored.
If I’m not having fun, they’re not having fun.
If I don’t enjoy what I do, what’s the point.

Yeah, I know, it’s not all fun and games, but I’m passionate about learning, I’m passionate about my content, I’m passionate about loving what I do.

For me to consistently be “The Closer” I think I’ve got to find a way to add it to my schtick. Anytime I can combine fun and learning; there is buy in on all levels, and anytime I can put a little of my own flavor in something, well, that’s awesome, too.

I think as I look how I can use my strengths to build my weaknesses I am finally getting the hang of what evaluation is really meant to do for us as teachers. Evaluation should really, after all, be an opportunity to learn and grow. I’m really sounding like a Born Again teacher, ha.

Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog. Slicing with y’all puts me in such an amazing community of teacher writers with whom I connect. People think I’m crazy for writing every day of March. Day 5 and I’m still inspired, and I am determined to post before midnight each night lest I turn into a pumpkin.

10 thoughts on “Engage: It’s all the Rage

  1. really, really loved your post today–so much that I’ll be checking out your entire blog soon. YES to this: Reflecting is who I am, but reflection without action is stagnation.
    and YES to this, too:
    If I’m bored, they’re bored.
    If I’m not having fun, they’re not having fun.
    If I don’t enjoy what I do, what’s the point.
    Keep on keeping on…I can’t wait to see what’s next!


  2. I think I’ve spent way too much of my career and life reflecting but not changing. I’m glad you liked the post. Reflection and action are the two things that led you to your media specialist position–you’re school is fortunate to have you.


  3. This is a great post–I find that as I become more confident as a teacher, I crave constructive feedback even more, so that I can keep growing. But as I face a few new teaching challenges next year, I feel so anxious at being out of my familiar “zone”–thanks for the inspiration to keep reflecting and pushing myself forward.


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