My Girl My World

Slice Daily for the Entire Month of March

March Slice of Life Challenge

Day 3 of 31


A Slew of Haiku
for you my girl Sweet Sarah
Capturing cuteness

Sarah my sweetheart
nestled beside me loving
each moment of life

Sarah loves milkshakes
calls my shakes world famous
So easy to please

Distracted Sarah
stares off lost in a moment
like Mom chasing thoughts

Lover of music
Singing in the shower stops
time and wastes water

Ringlets frame the front
of her face as she bounces
all over the place

Softly sweet singing
Humming tunes–songs all her own
The world sings, too.

Whimsical Sarah
Silly Talk and crazy walk
no cares or regrets

Last night she awoke
nestled by me we snuggle
peaceful sleep we share

“I want to be a
scientist just like Einstein
Smart is the new cool.”

I’m sorry Mommy,
hugging me, kissing me, too
knowing what to do

Snorting like a pig
trying out lots of accents
Born entertainer

What is on our heads?
Cutting up and having fun
Two peas in a pod.

My girl I adore
She teaches me to love more
Completely in love

Sweet Sarah my girl
I love every single curl
my girl my world


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