Slice Daily for the Entire Month of March

March Slice of Life Challenge

In my car,
I follow you.
We all follow you,
a caravan of cars
You are leading.
I follow.

Pausing to look to the sky,
lost in the moment of
dusky purple-hued streaks
a beauty captured only at twilight,
Immersed in the splendor–
Breathing in peace
for merely a second.

Remembering where I am,
I look through the windshield,
cut through the lot,
and catch up with the group.

I am right there
with the others,
but then you turn away.
My choice,
my diversion,
is not the right one.

I am

Sliding out of my car
to gain perspective
and get  my bearings,
looking to the intersection
for signs,
One lone sign atop a post
not enough for me to find
my way.

I am lost,
and unable
to find my way
back to the others.

a storm wind blows,
I am
into oncoming traffic.

Pulling myself
to safety
my cell rings.
I answer the phone,
distraught by the storm,
I yell,

But she will not wait
For me.
my older sister,
Tells me
one again
what I must do.
“Come now–
Dad is dying.”

(Wait–Dad is already dead)


She insists I need to come see him,
now before he dies.
But he is dead,
I think.

“I am on my way,”
I say.

Still I am

Looking for the others,
I call,
and ask you to find me,
but where was I going
in that caravan of followers.


Standing in the night.
Out of my car and in the open.
The night sky is darkening.

The phone summons me again,
Under amass of blankets,
Fighting my way out
Under the covers,
Relieved to
wake up
To the light
Of a new day.

The vividness of this dream was a little much in my head for a Monday morning, so it became a slice. Rarely do I remember my dreams much less capture a dream in words.

One thought on “Following

  1. Wow. That was so powerful! I don’t think I would have enjoyed having that dream, but I did enjoy reading your very beautiful telling of it.

    Nice to be slicing with you again!


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