Irrelevant vs. Relevant Questions


I am an inquiring mind. I do want to know, so I love to Google to find answers. Over the past year, I have spent countless minutes that turned into hours that may have even morphed into days answering questions that have little or no effect on my life.

Some of my wonderings include:

if Jameis Winston was guilty (yes, I read all the police reports and many articles–many nights worth of research–I am not even an FSU fan).

if a country club prison is really like a country club.

what the next test will look like in Georgia (still no answer but could have great effect).

what John Greene said the the president in the Google fireside chat leading me to…

what about the penny–should we keep it or not.

what was the outcome of the case for which I was a potential juror.

if _______ was on FB and what I could find out about him/her.

if anything happened in the legislative session that would impact teachers (daily following of this yields very few answers).

if Sedgwick will ever make a guest appearance on Major Crimes.

While these questions are compelling to me, they are not life-changing.  My friend Sedona suggested I start asking relevant questions. Well, last night I began with a question that while relevant to a conversation is not relevant to my life. I mean, really, will I ever go to a country club prison? I think not. I would be with the common people. Why I wanted to spend 20 minutes looking at country club prisons, I do not know.

I moved on when I realized this country club thing was not life-changing. I sent my friend a question of the week. While waiting for her response, I pondered a bit of time I spent with my KMWP friends venting and carrying on about some school issues. I wondered to myself, “Is venting healthy?” If I vent to gripe but not to find solutions, I am wasting time and being negative. Well, then, how do I purge myself. Writing? Not here. Careful what to blog. Google is my friend. I found a few good articles that I am going to read and get back to you on. Venting–is it healthy? unhealthy? Is there a best way to do it? I will answer those questions. Let me know if you have any answers.

In the meantime, I got another question for this week from my friend Sedona:


Today I thought about that question.

  • Relationships
  • Love
  • Friends & family
  • A Life I’ve lived well
  • Health
  • Sleep
  • Appreciating each moment

After a time, I thought, “Wait a second. What matters to her should matter to me now. She gets it. Why don’t I?”

And so…

I came home earlier.

I picked up cupcakes for my son’s birthday (yummy ones from a bakery–I even called to ask everyone what flavor they wanted).

I played basketball with my son.

I snuggled my daughter.

I snuggled my son.

What is left…

I should have gone to bed earlier–health and sleep.

I should have spent more time with my husband.

Well, it’s a start.

For now, I need to post then sleep as I try to answer the

most relevant questions…

What should matter to me most?

What matters most to you?

What do you think should matter more?


I’d love to know.








3 thoughts on “Irrelevant vs. Relevant Questions

  1. So many thoughts swirling through this post. What matters now and later? Why should it change? People matter, how they make you feel and how you make them feel. That’s my biggie.


  2. Hmmm. I agree with Elsie… so many questions here and I’m back thinking about Google and how I have become so dependent on G for my basic life info. That’s what I’m thinking about.


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