Open Yourself


Open yourself
Experience the moment
in the desert
Seek the oasis.

Be with yourself
Be with your friends
New and old.

Look for the contrasts
Flat ground next to jagged mountains
Parched earth next to bountiful blooms
Rocky hills next to flatlands
Cacti of tall green statues next to squaty red pricklies.

Be in nature
Awaken in yourself
The blossoming growth
Of desert awareness
Be present in the stillness
Be present in the movement.
Experience the tranquil spirit

Laugh with others
Laugh at yourself
Try new things
Be open to experience.

Appreciate the gifts
Of love
Of life
Of laughter
Of friendship
Open yourself.

Words Inspired by today’s experiences:

Today I made a drum out of elk hide meant for me.
Today I rode a horse in the dessert, Dillion the horse meant for me.
Today I ate at Big Earl’s Greasy Eats a blackened blue burger meant for me.
Moments made special by being present to and with friends both old and new,
friends meant for me.
Now I must get back to my friends…




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