Eye Exam and Aftermath




Today I went to the optometrist where I was prescribed progressive lenses. I guess they are sneaky bifocals without a line. I guess I can mask my age and not shift my glasses to the end of my nose. I’m pretty excited: one prescription for seeing the kids way down the hall, the  LCD projection across the room, and the gradebook spreadsheet in front of my face.  

After my eye exam, I went shopping. This was sort of surreal. Because of my eyes being dilated, I could not read the prices very well and could not see myself well when I was too close to the mirror. Also, I felt a bit loopy and was sure people were looking at my big ol’ dilated  pupils!  I hope the clothes fit when my eyes are back to normal, and I hope I didn’t break the bank. 

Now I have clothes that fit, I can see again (4 weeks ago I lost my glasses), and I am ready for my trip to Arizona. Don’t worry you will hear about my trip next week whien I blog from the desert.



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