The Vortex of Digital Despair




Two Sides

One side is the boy who is outside–he is pleasant and laughing and enjoying people. He will help out his parents and his grandparents with chores and likes to walk the dog.  He will hike a long way on a trail. He is a joy to be around, full of life.

Another side is the boy who just got a new video game system. Buyer and family beware–he is grouchy, cantankerous, and surly. He doesn’t want to share, he gets mad at people irrationally, and he doesn’t follow directions. He will drive his parents to madness. He is NOT fun to be around, full of venom. 

One thing I can tell you after a weekend with that new gaming system is we need more rules and more limits. Anyone else dream of sending all the video games back? I don’t think we were like that with the Atari of the 80s–i know we got bored easily and spent more time outside. Sometimes I wish we could go back to those days. I could read more words in print, spend more time outside, dig deeper to find answers, and not be bombarded with digital everything. 

I personally struggle to do what’s best for me in this world. i know I spend too much time looking at screens (iPhone, IPad, computer, etc.). I don’t read enough full length books because I am constantly reading on the screen. Raising a kid to thrive in this world but not get sucked into the vortex of digital despair–now that is even tougher. Where are the lines? How do we draw them? The TV and the iPad wake up with the children–sometimes my husband and I sleep in a bit. 


2 thoughts on “The Vortex of Digital Despair

  1. It’s hard to know when to draw the line and where to draw it. One of my friends let her son earn gaming time by reading. An hour reading means an hour gaming. It worked for her and turned him into a reader.

    I read too much online, too. How many stories about the missing plane and the lack of information about it can I open? My daughter spends too much time on MInecraft and I tell myself it’s not too bad because it can be educational. I guess it’s a balance and every kid is different.

    Good luck.


  2. I don’t recall getting sucked into my Atari the way kids nowadays spend hours on their video games. Plus there are so many other distractions with the internet. It’s almost like outdoor play time needs to be scheduled!


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