Whose Blog this is I Think You Know



Whose blog this is I think you know.
The posts are made of poems stolen though;
You may see ideas and thoughts borrowed here
You read these words–is this a show?

My little verse I must share.
To slice each day-the end is near, 
A few more days I must not forsake, 
This daily slicing comes each year.

I give the calendar a double take  
Are we almost done–is this a mistake?
The other sound’s the computer’s beep
 A month gone by–a deal to self I make. 

The blog is sometimes shallow others deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And another post before I sleep,
And another post before I sleep.


Mr. Frost, thank you for your verse. 



3 thoughts on “Whose Blog this is I Think You Know

  1. Lisa Keeler

    Clever. I think that we all have days when we don’t feel like we can write our best. And it is great to share that feeling with our students.


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