Hanging in There



Are we there yet?

How much further?

I’m not sure I can make it.

No, this is not the child in the backseat.

This is I, the tired teacher writer.

Just barely hanging in there.

Waiting for mornings of sunrises

that inspire me.

Waiting for my muse

to appear.

Instead, I look

at the screen

as my enemy

and the words are

of how it’s all too much.

Tired not inspired–

It’s bedtime.

No literary genius here.

I saw the hoop.

I jumped through it.



2 thoughts on “Hanging in There

  1. amandavillagomez

    I had to read your slice after reading your title. I just published my “Write Anyway” slice and figured that I would connect with your post. I’m also feeling tired but remembering the value in writing anyway. Enjoy your weekend. We are heading into spring break here.


  2. I can relate! I am dragging myself here every night, but it’s hard! I’m glad you wrote even though you weren’t feeling inspired, and I love the “are we there yet” that drives us through to the end. Nice. Hope you get some rest. I hope we all do!


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