PL Homework


Aargh, this cold has the best of me, and I’m trying to do my PL homework based on Rigor is not a Four Letter Word (leave it to an educator to have such a rhetorical title). I’m trying to apply CC RL type questions to a matrix, and it’s mentally exhausting to the point that I’m not even sure I make sense anymore.

At first, I had fun with the mental activity of it and was being creative. I was just writing general questions for short stories.

Literary Matrix

Then, I decided to stop that and apply all my questions to CC.

CC Matrix

Well, if that didn’t just take the fun out of it.  I was enjoying my “when mights” and “how wills” and such and then I tried to superimpose one person’s thinking (Wiederhold) with another person’s thinking (Blackburn) with another person’s thinking (mine)  with the CC.

Oh well…I tried.

Oh, and on trying…I tried to embed the matrixes, but they are way too small to read. If you’re interested in seeing them close up, let me know. I will email them to you. Only if you are not sick and are willing to share  if and how you make sense out of my mental madness…ohhhh, speaking of mental madness, I’d love to make a parody of the question matrix…hmmm….


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