Blogging and Ellipticizing


Blogging on an iPad
Is not enough of a challenge,
So I am blogging on an iPad,
While exercising on an elliptical machine,
To get my steps in,
To get my healthcare credit.
To get my slice in.
To get my blogging credit.

March is a month of habits
For me
It seems,

If the days had more hours,
I would try to add more new habits

More time for me.
More time for my kids.
More time for my hubby.
More time for sleep.
More time for de-cluttering my life.

For now, though, I am marching on,
Haha, Marching on,
Blogging on,
Stepping on.

Note: that is 7 minutes of blogging. I still got miles to ellipticize before I sleep.


3 thoughts on “Blogging and Ellipticizing

  1. I have tried, very hard I might add, to blog and jot (with a stylus) while on the elliptical. I just can’t manage to make it happen! If only I were a recumbent bike kind of exerciser…


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