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Today I spent my day with Harvey “Smokey” Daniels at a conference, and my mind is swimming with ideas. While I don’t have the energy or focus at this hour to slice about all the wonderful ideas and strategies Harvey shared, I want to tell you about how I became Smokey’s roadie.

The LCD was not communicating with Smokey’s Mac. As a long term Mac user, I knew where to find the fix online, so I Googled the answer and helped him out (a few times). After the second fix, I joked that I may need to tour with him; that is how I became his best ever roadie!


He gave me a book–woohoo, a free book. Best of all he signed it with a personal message. Not only is he an amazing teacher, he is also attentive, kind, personable, and generous.

During a break Smokey took me to the Heinemann table and helped me select a book. Based on my desire to help promote disciplinary/content literacy, he guided me toward em>Subjects Matter, and I can’t wait to dig into that book as well as the one I bought, Inquiry Circles.

Stay tuned…

This weekend I will blog about all my take away from today.


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