You Want a Slice of Me?



You want a slice of me?

My plate is full.

I’ve been sliced…

Books to discard, to count, to  stack and to Excelify during my “free” time today–have a slice of me.

A quiz to make–another sliver.

Papers to copy for tomorrow–slice.

Clutter to clear so the sub can find my desk–a big ol’ sloppy slice.

Subplans incomplete–partial slice.

Two meetings collided today–slice and dice.

4,000 more steps for today, for the March challenge of walking

for $40 from my lousy healthcare–a daily slice.

60 pages about argumentative writing to read for

tomorrow’s night’s book club–Slice and dice,

This blog-slice, slice, slice, slice, slice, slice…

papers are ungraded,

grades are not logged,

the clock is ticking,

The hours too short,

my husband slumbers–alone.

There, now, you ALL got a slice of me,

and I realize at the end of the day,

there’s nothing left to give.



3 thoughts on “You Want a Slice of Me?

  1. Lots of days are like that. Sometimes “outsiders” have no idea really what educators’ work is like. Choppy. Dicey. Wears you out just blogging about it.
    Recharge. Grow new sprouts. Stay off cutting boards.


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