Grit & Growth Mindest




In class, we have been reading, annotating, and discussing short informational texts related to the themes of our extended text. One of those themes is perseverance.  Some of my sixth graders have been a bit confused by listening to TED Talks and NPR articles and reading articles about growing the brain.  Today when talking to them about growth mindset and the potential to grow their brains, a student said, “Mrs. Woodall, I feel like I’m in church.”  

Another said, “Preach it!”

Woodall’s Church of Leaning? Okay…

A few questions my students asked today:

Q: Is this for a grade?

A: This is for learning–that’s what matters.

Q: Are we going to be asked about this stuff  on the CRCT?

A: No, but grit and growth mindset will help you on the CRCT, in all subjects.  Note: The CRCT is our state test.

I suppose I was preaching. Woodall’s Church of Learning. Yep.  



5 thoughts on “Grit & Growth Mindest

  1. Rock on!! I love how you paired grit and growth. At our school, we like to remind ourselves (teachers) not to “steal the struggle.” Stepping back is sometimes the best teaching move we can make.
    Thanks for the reminder!


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