I Tried to Find a Slice




Day 2


Today I tried to find a slice

in a moment of the day,

but nothing took hold

as words for the blog.

Maybe because I didn’t seek

to live each moment of the day.


Today there was laundry,

sleeves reaching out

through the lid

beckoning me to the task.

I started the laundry.


Today my husband , as usual, finished what I started.

He finished the laundry.


Today my husband played with the kids.

He cooked dinner with the kids helping.


Today there was beautiful weather.  

I spent  the day inside

planning and typing and preparing

for another week.


Tonight there was reading and snuggling.

My daughter seemed to fall 

asleep holding my hand,

and I thought I found a slice,

but she was still awake

and wanted me to stay.


I dozed off thinking of the things to do

before bed.

Restlessness in my head.

Not present in a moment.

Then, I sat in her room

with my laptop tapping away

to prepare for another day.


Today I didn’t live enough

to find the slice of life

I’d like to live.


Tomorrow I want to live by a different tune,

so at the end of the day,

I’ll  have a happy moment 

wrapped neatly in words

on a page.














13 thoughts on “I Tried to Find a Slice

  1. mrssurridge

    Love these thoughts. How do our days go by so quickly? I have a list a mile long and am also trying to pay more attention to something I might be moved to slice about. I really enjoyed the part about your daughter falling asleep (almost) holding your hand. What a precious memory.


  2. I felt the same way when it came to writing my slice today. Unfortunately there is always work to be done. Let’s hope we do find more time for family, fun and slice inspiring moments tomorrow.


  3. This sounds like a teacher’s Sunday ritual…we have so much on our minds about the week ahead that it is impossible to quiet that voice and live in the moment. Sounds like you have a very loving husband. 😉


  4. This post brings memories back to me. It was just a few years ago that this was my day and night. Except I would fall asleep in their bed, or sometimes the floor!


  5. What’s so funny is that you commented on last year’s day 2 slice. When I went back to reread it, I was a bit sad for the opportunities missed. The night is not over. Maybe I will take some time to live a lice to slice. Read a book or relax in the tub–no papers to grade, though. I forgot them at school.


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