Winners and Losers


The balance is meted out.
Each day I choose
My winners and losers.

Papers win. Sleep loses.
Meeting wins. Chaos free classroom loses.
Classroom clutter wins.
Planning wins. Grading loses.
Grading loses. Assessment loses.
Papers win. Family loses.
Gym loses. Family wins.
Time with hubby wins. Schoolwork loses.
Writing wins. Sleep loses.

The scales of life
Never seem balanced–
Each choice tips the scale one way
Or the other.

Maintaining balance
An impossible playground trick
Still today–
Like an unbalanced seesaw
Slam–one side a heavy thud
On the ground
As the other shoots in the air.


6 thoughts on “Winners and Losers

  1. Oh you are singing my song. Where does balance exist? Love the image– the thud of the see saw and the lighter side flying in the air, the back and forth. Maybe the trick is to keep moving smoothly. Maybe the balance is the movement.


  2. Maya,
    I agree with you, keeping the balance is difficult! But, thinking about times when the seesaw is balanced (back to the playground days) it’s more of the ups and downs that make the ride fun right? Just balanced can get a little mundane I think…;)


  3. I can absolutely relate to this post. It feels like every weekend and every night is a struggle with how I will balance my time. I love the way you made that analogy to the seesaw and the thud on the ground when things get really unbalanced.


  4. The short sentences are so bold and strong. Living life in balance. I could visualize the playground as you wrote. Right now my seesaw is not even sat on. I need to get back on it and do something.


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