I Don’t Do Fiction



I don’t do fiction,

yet here I am after school

twice a week

with a small group of aspiring NANO  writers,

I hear their fingers frantically

trying to keep up with their





And still  I have nothing.

Tired slothlike fingers,

weighing down on the keys

devoid of thoughts–

no character in mind,

no plot in my thoughts,

the only conflict is in my mind.

Why not press the NANO cop out button

to be a leader not a writer?

Why not give up and

be a guide on the side,

instead of a fighter writer,

trying to find the words?

I don’t do fiction.

I answered the call

to inspire one writer.

6 budding writers

inspired and engaged.

1 shriveling teacher

flustered and dismayed.

I will do fiction–

I’m waiting for my character muse

to find me,

inspire me,

guide me.

Muse, come soon.

The blank page

is beckoning–

The community

of writers needs

a writer leader

to be their teacher leader.


2 thoughts on “I Don’t Do Fiction

  1. Good for you, stretching yourself and moving beyond your comfort zone. I didn’t truly understand what I ask my students to do until I started challenging myself as a learner. Happy (fiction) writing!


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