When life gets busy,

so much is reduced.

Grading is reduced to a task to complete.

Writing is one more thing on the to do list.

Even a meal seems squeezed in to the day.

A quick hug for a loved one.

Lessons to plan–another thing to do.

Assignments to prepare–get that done.

Sleep–maybe a little time to fit that in.

When life is busy, everything is reduced

as all seems to become an item on a to do list.

Blog done–check.

Papers graded-where to start?

No time right now.

Time to get my daughter out of the bath–

and let go of the things to do

and hold onto the precious time

of reading and snuggling–

refusing to reduce that which is sacred.

The papers will be there later tonight–

maybe I’ll get in a short cat nap.

after bed time.


One thought on “Reduced

  1. Jaana

    Maya, you are so right to treasure those moments of cuddling and reading together. Children grow up so fast…everything else can wait!


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