Heart Overflowing


Tonight six-year-old Sarah said,

12 + 12 = 24.

She followed with

Mommy – Sarah = Heartbreak.



Last week she said,

I want to be a school counselor,

so I can teach kids how to be nice to each other.


After seeing some previews for the news

during the football game,

Sarah overheard her daddy talking to her big brother,

saying some sad stuff about how a toddler

was killed by a BB.

She said,

Daddy is putting sad things in my heart–

I don’t want them there.

I only want happy things.

My heart broke for her,

and I tried to envelop her in love,

and take her mind off the bad things,

hoping to protect her from even knowing

the bad things that happen.


When a friend tells Sarah,

she’s not her friend anymore

and puts conditions on friendship,

Sarah cries and sobs in sadness.

I want to protect her from people

who put conditions on love.


I love the way she loves me,

as we say back and forth,

I love you.

I love you more.

I love you most,

As we verbally spar for the last word, the most love.


I love the way she feels compassion,

the way her heart is so open

and full of love.

I love the way we so often fall asleep,

after reading,

snuggled together,

holding hands.

her breath next to mine.

Tonight my sleepy thoughts

Sarah + Mommy = Heart Overflowing


She teaches me that love knows no limits.

She teaches me to love more and more.

She shows me how my heart can grow and grow

and just overflow.

She makes me feel loved

in her special Sarah way

of boundless love.










3 thoughts on “Heart Overflowing

  1. Ramona

    What a wonderful glimpse into your sweet Sarah’s heart! I love how you end the poem with what she teaches you, shows you, and how she makes you feel.


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