Jumbling of Ideas


Too many ideas going through my head,

can’t focus my thoughts.


Asked a professor to buy me apples while

she was at the orchards

and realized that the lines

that separate me from the PhD

have long disappeared–

attribute that to the Writing Project–KMWP

teachers as writers, from Kindergarten through college,


Lost my 2nd dad,

a best friend from high school–

her dad passed away,

I called him Dad

back in high school,

a sadness returned

and I lost my dad—

all over again,

yet  the new tears

for losses old and new

are bittersweet

and my dad is close once again.


Leading a book club

with some smart people,

really smart people.

It went well.

Great conversations and connections

like-minded passionate people

rejuvenating my spirit.



The phone won’t stop ringing,

doctors and specialists and lab technicians all

want to find out what’s going on

with my thyroid–

didn’t even know

a thyroid ultrasound was possible

and who knows what’s going on with the nodule?


These jumbled ideas

reveal the complexity

of aging–gaining wisdom and insight

grieving a loss that opens a wound

while all the while my body laughs in my face.



6 thoughts on “Jumbling of Ideas

  1. With all the jumbled thoughts you could have written simple and plain, but you chose your words carefully, revealing what takes up your mind and heart. Sending good vibes your way.


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