Writing is a Chore



Yesterday I did not slice. Today I do not want to write. I have a chapter deadline for KMWP looming over my head, so I don’t want to slice either. I don’t want to write. My brain cannot form the words, the thoughts. I can’t envision a lead. I can’t figure out the middle. I certainly don’t know the ending. I don’t know where I am going with my chapter because I’m not sure where my project is headed.

I don’t know where I am going with my day late slice. Banging words of frustration on the keyboard, like that’s the answer.

Writing is like scrubbing baseboards. It’s got to be done sometimes; it’s easy to neglect. Scrubbing baseboards is not fun, hunched over and scrubbing. There is no gratification until I stand back and look at my work.

I could hire a maid to clean the baseboards.

Who can I hire to write my chapter?






2 thoughts on “Writing is a Chore

  1. macrush53

    Oh, I so know that feeling. Especially when I should have scheduled blog posts. I hope it is temporary and passes for you.


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