Fingertips on the keyboard,

heaviness weighs them down,

glued to the keys, unmoving.

Mind devoid of thoughts,

no words, only emptiness,

searching the room for inspiration–

noise from the other laptop

as my daughter plays,

silhouettes on the wall,

the couch mornings of summer

where we ease into the day,

still thoughts don’t move to my keys

and my fingers remain, still–unmoving.

There is poetry all around me,

but my mind sees nothing

or too much,

and I don’t know

what to write–and all round me

the world is un-moving.


8 thoughts on “Unmoving

  1. And yet even in the quiet of the morning, with a mind emptied at least for the moment of cares and daily drudgery, there is so much going on and such peace coming through on a summer morning. It’s different than that September frenetic energy, yet special in its own way as you have tried to capture.


  2. Jaana

    My “no inspiration” never sound this great! Maybe your room gives you more inspiration than mine. Perhaps decorating my walls could provide more inspiration….you have made me ponder….


  3. Paul

    This line is super-poetic! I would take it and write where it goes — emptiness as tranquility or peace, or something other than lack of inspiration?


  4. Michelle @litlearningzone

    Love what you created even in the midst of un-moving. It is beautiful and a true writer and poet has many of these moments!


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